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Hello, hello, hello my lovely readers.

Things have finally quietened down just a little bit and I've been able to take a breath and regroup myself ! Sadly, it will probably only last for a little while as the builders are back next week, this time removing the bathroom ! Honestly, why can't we just leave things alone ?

After the fiasco last year with the kitchen, you'd have thought that we'd have had enough of living in a mess for much longer than we were told, but no. Less than a year later we have decided that it is time for the bathroom to be refitted and that beautiful old roll-top bath that we bought last June and that has been residing in the garage ever since, to finally be installed.

So, I've spent yesterday (as Wednesdays are officially my day off and the day when Alison is charge) scouring the internet for wall-mounted taps and then chasing around what felt like the whole of Essex, looking at floor and wall tiles.

Added to that, the outside of the house will be painted next week and I can't decide on a colour ! Who knew there were so many shades of cream and that none of them are what I'm looking for ?


So, to calm my nerves I decided to partake in a little crafting (almost unheard of these days as I just don't have the time), and make a felt ball necklace. A while ago I made this one for a certain magazine ...

and loved it so much that I decided that I needed another one ... this time in blues.

These necklaces are just so quick and easy to make up. And with all the colours of felt balls that we have available, you could make one to go with every single outfit !

Have you seen the new look Home Page of our website ? We've had a bit of a jig about and I have to say, I'm really pleased with it ! We've received lots of compliments since it went live and are excited that we now have a "hot products" section down the left hand side. This will be updated on a weekly basis (after careful analysis) so that you can see exactly what's popular and what you should be indulging in ! The newsletter sign up has been shifted to the bottom of the page, along with a funky link to this little old blog.

We've also got LOTS of new products on order and I'm hoping to be able to show these to you very soon - sadly, it takes a long time to get them all photographed and uploaded onto the site.

I also received a VERY exciting phonecall earlier in the week. I don't want to tell you about it at the moment in case it doesn't come off, but if it does .... believe me, you'll be the first to know !

So, I think that's it for today folks.

I'll be back again very soon with details of all those lovely new products.


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