Be careful what you wish for

The funniest thing happened on Monday. There I was, beavering away in the studio, listening to Absolute 80s on the radio and thinking how lovely it was to be doing something simple like picking and packing orders (rather than running around like a headless chicken), when the phone rang.

I answered it, in my best posh voice, as I always do, and heard the lady say "Hello, I'm calling from Create and Craft. We saw you at the Knitting & Stitching Show and loved your kits. We were wondering if you could possibly come in to do a screen test on Friday this week, with a view to presenting a 1 hour TV slot on our Create & Craft channel on Sky TV". This was met with stunned silence, before I replied (in my very best Essex accent) "is this a joke ?" !!!!

Obviously, this wasn't the reaction the lady was expecting as she burst out laughing (she probably thought "NUTTER") ! And then went on to explain exactly what it was that they were looking for, basic T&C's etc. It was REAL !! They wanted ME to take part in a one hour TV slot demonstrating MY KITS !!!

However, after my initial reaction of "Hurrah ... Fame at last", the reality of it all hit me and after lots of discussions with my trusty assistant Alison and hubby, we decided that we're just not ready (for various reasons which I won't bore you with) to take such a leap, at the current time.

So, like I say, be careful what you wish you .... it might just come true !!!!


PS. Look out for fab new pics (hopefully) on the next post. I'm treating myself to a new camera !!


Jackie said...

Oh wow - how exciting. Even though you feel the time is not right, it must be lovely to be asked anyway!! All credit to you! xx

made by lolly x said...

Congratulations on being asked!What an honour! And well done on being brave enough to take the decision to say no - I bet it was a tough decision!


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