Oh the stress !

Whoever said it was a good idea to exhibit at the Knitting & Stitching Show was completely mad !

I'm going round and round in circles, still making lists (from which not much is being crossed off), lurching from one thing to the next and never actually managing to finish anything.

Sadly, some of my stock that I was wanting to take to the show still hasn't arrived, one of the kits still needs making up - well, when I say 1 of the kits, what I actually mean is 1 design of kit still needs to be made up and we need to make up 100 of the things - arghhhh. Then all of the kits need tagging with swing tags (that's 300 kits !). All of the jars need to be restocked with felt balls etc., all of the price tags need printing, all of the stock needs to be divided between batch 1 (on the stand from day 1) and batch 2 (back-up stock) and in between all of this we are still trying to process the huge amount of orders that are coming in every day.

So, this email is to inform you that any orders placed between Saturday 2nd October and Tuesday 12th October inclusive won't be processed or dispatched until Wednesday 13th October. Many, many apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but unless we stop doing orders, we're just not going to be ready for Ally Pally next week.

Sorry again and if you're coming to Ally Pally next week, do pop by and say HELLO !!!!



mad about bags said...

good luck sarah with ally pally next week i'm sure you're be a huge success and will laugh (albeit a little manically) about all this stress once its over!!!

ana said...

I don't suppose you're going to do the Dublin show as well, are you? It could do with a good felt stand.

made by lolly x said...

Good luck at the show and apologies for inadvertently adding to your stress - I've just placed an order!

Yvonne said...

I hope you have a fabulous time Sarah... it will be great... once you get there and have set up.... deep breath.
Thinking of you lots xxxx


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