Finally !

The kitchen is FINISHED !!!!!!!

Hurrah !

I can't believe it. Nearly 6 weeks after we started, the kitchen is pretty much finished. All that remains is for me to choose the material for the blinds and get them fitted.

Maybe now, we can get on an enjoy it !!!

This week has seen my little shadow start at "big school".

After the initial excitement of her first day, she has sadly realised that she's in it for the long haul. She doesn't like the teacher because "she bosses me around" ! Sadly my gorgeous girl, that is what teacher's do. "I told them that after refreshments, we always do colouring at nursery and they said I couldn't do it" - that's because you're at big school now and not nursery anymore. "How many more times do I have to go there?" LOTS !!!

It really breaks my heart when she tells me all these things. Of course, she has her brother at the school as well, but his patience is starting to wear a bit thin because she seems to spend the lunchtimes crying and the teachers have to get Sam to try and cheer her up, which was fine to start off with, but now he's missing playing footie with his friends and is getting a bit cross with Grace.

How hard it must be to be 4 years old.



Yvonne said...

Beautiful, Beautiful kitchen.... can you now say it was all worth it??? Isn't it hard when you realise that school is for a long time and you can't just leave because you've had enough or tried it and want to go home now? I'm sure she will settle soon and her brother will have his footie sessions back!
Hope you're giving yourself some 'you' time now they are back at school?
Lots of love xxxx

Jenevieve said...

Aww, poor girl. I suppose she'll just learn over time that that's how it is at school. Hope she starts to enjoy it more soon!

Your new kitchen looks lovely btw! :) x


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