Sometimes life doesn't quite go to plan

No. Sadly it doesn't.

There you are, going along happily in your day to day life, in your normal routine when suddenly BANG - something happens that you have absolutely no control over. You start to panic, immediately think the worst, even try and prepare yourself for the worst and pray hard, like you've never prayed before, that everything will be ok. You have to put your entire trust in someone you've never met before and hope that they will do their very best to make everything ok.

And fortunately, all of your praying pays off and the person you've never met before performs what seems like a miracle and does make everything ok again. And slowly, everything does get back to normal. Well, sort of. Whilst you carry on as normal, in the back of your mind is the reminder that you should never ever take anything for granted. Stop worrying about the silly little things in life that really don't matter and concentrate on the things that really do matter.

We're so glad you're on the mend Dad xx


Anonymous said...

So true. I do hope your Dad is ok.
it is so easy to forget how precious life is.

nickynackynoo said...

Oh I do so know what you mean at the moment! I feel fragile and raw and unbelievably grateful to all who have helped my parents in the last 3 weeks. Sending you and yours all good wishes.

silverpebble said...

Oh I feel a great relief for you - I hope things continue to be OK xxxxx

noelle said...

Quite agree, hope dad is better, mine is too, he's coming home Monday! Best Wishes x x

Julia said...

Life is so fragile, I know exactly the journey you have described and I hope you Dad is alright. Sending love your way,
Julia x x x


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