7 hours 13 minutes ..

is how long it took us to walk our 26.2 miles through the streets of London on Saturday night !

This is us before we started

and sadly I don't have a picture of us at the end. I was just so exhausted as well as cold that I couldn't be bothered to find my phone to take the final photo. Having said that, it wasn't a pretty sight and you probably wouldn't have wanted to see the state of us anyway !!

But, well done not only to the rest of my team, but to everyone who took part in the Moonwalk. From the walkers, the Marshalls (who were absolutely fantastic and cheered us on the whole way), the entertainers in the giant marquee before we started, the guys who kept the portaloos stocked with toilet paper, the volunteers handing out bottles of water and fruit, the press who were taking photos at various points around the course and of course the organisers. It was a brilliant event and very satisfying knowing that we did it for charity.

Having said that, I WILL NOT be doing it again. I'm afraid I am just so tired and am feeling so sore and achey (I've been having to go up and down the stairs on my hands and knees), that I just cannot find it in myself to do another marathon (even though it was just walking). 2 Moonwalks in my life is enough. Maybe next year I'll find a local Race for Life that I can take part in with the kids, but I won't be doing the Moonwalk again. It has made me feel my age, and I just don't like that feeling - sorry.

Thank you to everyone who left lovely wishes about my Dad on my last post - it's great to know so many people care.

Next time I'll definitely have some crafty photos to show you. After all, this is supposed to be a craft blog !!

Sarah xx


silverpebble said...

Wow - I didn't know the Moonwalk was a MARATHON. Going up the stairs on your hands and knees? It sounds as though you're in agony. I hope things feel better soon. My other half recommends meat pie for recovery.

noelle said...

Bloomin' well done!!! x

Emma said...

Well done you for doing that..!
I have done the race for life a couple of times, I actually don't race though I walk it.
I shall take some snaps of Chelsea just for you lol.
Your friends very lucky to be getting a beach hut, that is a dream of mine.
I love the felt coaster, I really would like to make some, when I get back from the Big City, I shall order what I need from you. Have a super weekend, lets hope Mr Sunshine shows up...x


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