I'm Famous !!

Well ... sort of ! I popped into the newsagents the other day to get some sweeties (as you do) and
saw the new Sew Hip magazine sitting on the shelf. Hmmm, I thought to myself "I wonder if there's anything in there about the Knitting & Stitching Show at Ally Pally?" So I reached up to the top shelf (?!) and grabbed a copy and saw the words "Backstage at Ally Pally" on the front cover. As I flicked through the magazine it fell open at this page

OMG !!! It's ME !!! A lovely colour picture of my stand at Ally Pally, along with a mention of me by name on the following page!! I was SO excited I ran over to the lady serving at the counter and showed it to her "That's me!" I said. "Oh, lovely" she replied. She could have been a bit more enthusiastic, but never mind. I was ecstatic !!

Then, in the evening as I was leafing through the mag properly I saw this in the "Things We Love" section

Me AGAIN !! Oh WOW -It's my felt ball & button necklace kit. I am so happy (can you tell?) I'm hoping that my interview with the mag will appear in a future issue. That really would be the icing on the cake :o)

Sarah xx

PS. I'm STILL working on the Special Offers section of the website - it should be ready very soon, but I'm starting to struggle with picking & packing orders, updating the website & blog, attempting to make stuff for 2 Christmas fairs that I've got coming up, along with normal everyday life. Contrary to popular belief I am not Superwoman - sorry, but I am trying my hardest to juggle everything so keep an eye out for the Special Offers section being updated very soon x


Dotty said...

i am not suprised your stall was featured it looked gorgeous !!!!

KL said...

That's great. I did not make it to Ally Pally but I too thought your stall looked great in the feature. I did hear of someone whose fabric was featured in Sew Hip, and afterwards there was a run on her etsy shop! Hope it has a similar effect for you.

Tina Peacock said...

That is really wonderful! How exciting!! Well done x

erin said...

I'm happy for you....congrats !!! I will be jumping up and down if I'm in your shoes...hehehe...


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