Bumps & Balls !

So this last week has seen my poor little man trip over a chair at school and crack his head on the corner of a table, resulting in rather a lot of blood, a black eye, steri-strips to hold it all together and a very panicky Mummy !

After the terrible tragedy with Natasha Richardson earlier this week, any sort of bump on the head now has me running straight to the Doctors.

I couldn't believe the state of him when I got to the school after that dreaded phonecall to say "there's no need to worry, but your little man has bumped his head and we think he would be better off in the peace and quiet of home for the rest of the day". To walk into the school office and see him sitting there, with an icepack over his eye, his shirt and tie covered in blood, and his poor little tear-stained face nearly had me in tears myself. I know the school didn't want to panic me, but I was honestly expecting to see him sitting there looking rather sheepish with a bit of a bump on his head (as has happened in the past). So to see all that blood and steri-strips holding the wound together was rather a shock to say the least.

But, after a visit to the Doctors and me demanding to see someone there and then as the receptionist very politely informed me that everyone was at lunch (!) , a lovely young Doctor came ambling through reception, took one look at us and took us straight through to be examined. Fortunately, everything appears to be fine although my little man will be sporting a lovely scar for the forseeable future and he was most upset to be told that he couldn't do PE, swimming or play outside at breaktimes for the rest of the week. What a shame, especially as the weather has been so gorgeous this last week !

So, whilst he was "in the peace and quiet of home" for the afternoon, my little man helped me count out buttons and felt balls ! This week I took delivery of :

Lots of lovely new crocheted balls (5 gorgeous colours)

and new colours of spiral pom-poms

All of the above are now loaded onto the site ready for you to get your hands on !

The wool roving will be here on Monday if you're waiting for that and I think I forgot to tell you last time that I am now stocking needle felting tools - wooden tools that will hold either a single needle or a group of 4 - both are available for sale now.

And yet another reminder that Friday 27th March will be the last posting day until 22nd April - sorry !!

I'll try and get one more post in next week as I'm expecting delivery of a few more new bits and pieces - but if not, you'll have it all to look forward to at the end of April !!

Byee x


PeggyCrafts said...

Oh no! poor little man! hope he is doing ok - he'll look like a hero when he goes back to school sporting a scar! Enjoy your break, love the embroidered felt balls!

Helen x

Carla said...

I absolutely love those embroidered felt balls! They're amazing!
Carla x


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