Credit Crunch?

What credit crunch??

Today I did my little man's school fair - I couldn't believe the amount of people that turned out for it. It's not a big school and to see people queuing up to get into the school hall this morning, was just lovely. All of the school fundraising events are extremely well supported by the families of the pupils and the Parent's Association did a fantastic job this year with organisation, advertising and generally getting some of the best local crafters to attend with their wares.

Whilst I did really well with my usual goodies, my secret weapon today (and it's the first time I tried this) was a Lucky Dip. £1 got you 1 go and Mum had very kindly wrapped up lots of stock that had been sitting around for far too long, not having been sold previously and popped it all into a Christmassy box. Well, they were like bees round a honeypot. And once word got round about the sort of gifts they were getting (generally pen & pencil covers, keyrings and hair bobbles), I actually ran out of gifts ! So there I was, trying to find other stock in my numerous boxes hidden under the table, that I didn't mind off-loading for £1 a piece. In the end, I ran out of that too !!

Of course, the rest of my stuff was things like bags, corsages, and lots of pocket money priced items, which always sell well at School fairs, but I have to say, all this talk of the credit crunch just doesn't ring true when you attend events such as that and everyone is so kind and complimentary about your goodies and will happily part with their hard earned pennies.

Thank you Elm Green School PA - for organising such a fun event and helping to support small local businesses !!

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Well done you!!!!


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