Winners ....

Could paper-and-string, picciolio and The Flour Loft please contact me and let me have your address details so I can send you your free tickets to the Stitch & Creative Crafts Show next week. I'd hate for you to miss out !! Thanks

I'm sure you can gather, this is a really really quick post. I'm drowning in a sea of felt balls and buttons and am in the final (I hope) stages of getting everything ready for next week. Finally everything was delivered and is now being bagged and tagged.

I'll try and post before the show with a picture of the amount of stuff I'm taking with me !! There's a LOT !!

Sarah x


Tip Top said...

It sounds terrible but lovely at the same time 'drowing in a sea of felt balls'!!!

the flour loft said...

just wanted to say good luck with all the setting up and i hope the show is a huge success for you. So sorry that i can't make it up to see you. Look forward to hearing about it all on your blog soon.
Have fun!
with love Ginny x

Sandra at Gotta Craft said...

Very nice to meet you today at the show, you really had a lovely, lovely site. And I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading my book tonight.

London Mummy said...

Hope the show was a good one for you and all that tagging and bagging was worth it :)


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