New Products !

Although I didn't do much (actually, any) crafting whilst I was away on holiday (and I could have done LOADS in the evenings !), I certainly got a wiggle on once I got home and had a flurry of making things. Many of you will know that a lot of my products are designed by me, but outsourced for production. So, it was nice to be able to sit down for a few hours and make up some new product lines to be made solely by me !

Fabric Covered Drawing Pins

Priced at £5 for a set of 10 (including the cute little storage tin) on my website

and Funky Button Drawing Pins

Priced at £3 for a set of 6 (I haven't decided quite how these will be packaged yet, but I'm on the case!)

Both of these have been added to the "Button Creations" section of my website alongside my button earrings and are ready for sale right now !

I have been a bit nervous about showing you these latest creations because sadly, it has come to my attention that someone is copying my product lines. Now, I know that it's not a crime to copy product lines and there is no copyright on product lines (that would be ridiculous), but it's very frustrating seeing exactly the same products as mine appearing on this person's website within a week or so of me announcing my new range. Let's wait and see how long it takes before these appear on their site !

I've also been having a BIG push with my etsy shop (link down the right hand side) and have decided that I need to list items on a daily basis in order that I can be a bit more visible. So far it seems to be working, with lots more people adding me to their favourites lists. I don't think the £ / $ conversion rate is helping matters, but people are definately looking, so I'm hoping sales will start to pick up again soon.

These felt balls have been added. They are a grab-bag of 50 of my most popular colour of felt balls. I will also be adding these to my own website, because some people prefer to buy them like this and not have the faff of ordering each ball / colour individually. They are priced at $12 on etsy and £6 on my own site.

Like all good retailers, I will shortly be having a SALE to clear some space for my Christmas range. The sale will start on the evening of Sunday 10th August.

Ooooh - and I found out today that the Essex Life Magazine has featured my felt heart purse and my felt money box house ! YAY !!


paper-and-string said...

i love the button drawing pins :-)
and I hope that the copier stops in their tracks and leaves you be!

Tip Top said...

I love those button drawing pins - how funky are those??!! Get them on Cuteable right now!!!

And a big thank you for my 'recent' (ahehm) blog win! I've taken the pics and will blog it next week - very much appreciated! The earings are beautifully strawberry!


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