I fear ...

I am turning into one of those mad old women who insists on furnishing their home with bright colours, many of which clash. Who wear bright coloured clothes, many of which clash and who just don't really care what other people think of their "style".

I make no apologies for turning into this type of person. Maybe I've always been this type of person but have just reached an age where I have realised that I don't have to be "a dedicated follower of fashion".

After having my inherited chair recovered in a patchwork style

I am now itching to decorate the rest of our living room.

This week I received the latest edition of "Making" magazine. And what an edition it is !! I sat down with a nice cup of tea and my original plan was to just flick through the magazine. But on opening it I became completely engrossed (this doesn't happen with me and magazines very often !) After seeing this ....

I have decided that I MUST get one ! Sadly, the website that sells them has sold out, presumably because it was featured in the magazine. So the hunt is now on for a papier mache deerhead that I can cover in decoupage. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it !

Our living room walls will soon be adorned with embroidery hoops featuring different brightly covered fabrics.

The lampshades also need replacing and I have plans for these, but it may take a while so I'll have to update you on this when it happens.

The furniture also needs replacing and so I shall be scouring salvage yards for individual pieces that can be given a new lease of life ... again, more updates as and when this happens.

So, that's what I shall be doing in my spare (!) time over the next few months.

I saw a sign in a shop the other day that said "forget the rules, if you like it ... buy it"

So that is what I shall do !!



Pene said...

The chair is fabulous talk about a statement its amazing. I have a wing backed armchair that I got from my grandad and you've now sparked an idea for recovering it. Also love the deer head, have seen versions of it in a few mags recently but think they're all from the same place.


Somebody on Etsy used to do them, google them as cardboard deer head I was going to buy one and paper it! may pop up on Amazon or somewhere, good luck. Love the Chair, and the deer hear will go perfect!! Kxx

Sally said...

I Bought one last week from the shop at the yorkshire sculpture park, they might send one mail order to you, I think they are on the website, there is a link on my blog. Sooooo jealous of your beautiful chair! Xox

Anonymous said...

I love those deer heads! I was hoping I would get one for Christmas but alas... They sell them on the V&A website as well last time I looked.

elibeegifts.co.uk said...

Oh,I would love a chair like that,it is beautiful!!

Planet Penny said...

I fell in love with a chair like this in a shop window, showed it to my husband and he was horrified!!! For the moment I'll have to stick with cushions, but,one day ...! And the deer head is fab. There are instructions on line here http://spinsandneedles.com/stuff/2011/03/20/diy-project-foam-cardboard-deer-heads/ with downloadable instructions if that's any help.I'm quite tempted myself!
Penny xxx

Anonymous said...

I have also decided that I need a decoupaged deer head in my life, but after googling them and finding out just how much people charge for one of these, I've decided to make my own! I've found a couple of tutorials online that claim its very simple, so I'll be the judge lol xx


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