Oooooooooh and ARGHHHHHHH !!

Ooooooooooooh !!

How FAB are these ?

Beautiful reels of packing / sticky tape !!

I've been looking for something like this for AGES ! Personally, I'm not really a fan of the Japanese / Kawaii type tapes but when I was wrapping gifts at Christmas (we hand-stamped our own wrapping paper this year), I thought that it would have looked even more lovely if we'd have been able to use a nice tape.

Last week I came across this fantastic tape (along with a number of other beautiful items from a new supplier) and decided that I HAD to have it ! So, everyone will now be receiving birthday presents in hand stamped paper and done up with this tape. They also have Christmas designs available so our Christmas gifts will all be wrapped with that this year .... for sure !

All of this gorgeousness is now loaded onto the website, is being sold by the reel (we have 2 different widths available) and is ready to go to new homes right now. We only have limited amounts of each design at the moment as we're just "trialling" it, but I'm pretty sure it will be very popular so if you try and order and it's out of stock, it will be back in stock very very soon.


Before we re-opened after Christmas I had a real good sort out in the Studio and put everything away and it all looked beautifully tidy. This is what it looks like today.

You see - ARGHHHHHHH ! I can't stand it. Fingers crossed it will only be like this for a very short time. Hubby is putting together all of the drawers to go into the new Ikea units and as soon as that's done, everything will have a new home and calm and organisation will be restored .... hopefully.

Now. Another new item that has been added to the website.
Scrap Bags full of 1.5mm thick felt !! Priced at £6 for 50 pieces (bargain !). Get them here

And, a few more items have been added to the SALE. They're end of line items of stock that we will be discontinuing. So, if you want some more baragins (and let's face it, who doesn't?) then get yourself over to our SALE section and see what you can grab !

"Hi" to our new followers ! Keep joining the list and passing our details on - as soon as we hit 200 followers on our blog, the monthly giveway will be launched. Let's try and get there before the end of January so we can launch on the 1st of Feb !!

See you soon xx

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