It's time !!!

OK - so last time, it was nearly time. This time ..... IT'S TIME !!!

Having shut up shop last Friday, I have been luxuriating (that's a word I don't use very often !) in all of the "spare" time I've had. So, we've been putting up the tree and generally getting ready for the big day.

Thank you "Maureen" (aka Morag!) for the beautiful scandanavian bunting - this was a sample she very kindly made up for me and was supposed to have been one of this month's tutorials, but due to computer problems, it didn't actually get onto the website in time.

My in-laws arrived safely from Cornwall yesterday and our woodburner was finally installed (talk about cutting it fine !)

And yes, I have even had a little time to do a few crafty projects of my own.

Pompoms - all made using the Clover pompom makers I stock in the shop (how easy are these to use ??!!), and do you remember this ........

I started this way back in about June I think it was.

It turned into

So, all that remains to be said now is a HUGE thank you to everyone who reads this blog and to all of my lovely customers for supporting Blooming Felt throughout the year.

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas everyone !!

See you soon


1 comment:

Emma said...

I love your felt wreath, fab.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoying the new Woodburner xxxx


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