A Little Bit of R&R

Mum & Dad had kindly agreed to have the children for the weekend and I think everyone was looking forward to doing something slightly different and keeping busy !!

So, we stayed here

Saw lots of these

Ate lots of this

Wandered along here

Saw this

Went to a Vintage sale and bought some of these

And then went to the bookshop and bought a copy of this

So that I can hopefully make plenty of these (I can knit .... sort of, but wanted some really easy projects to work on !)

And we generally had a lovely, relaxing weekend. Unfortunately I don't think the same can be said for my poor parents who were run ragged by Sam & Grace - but I think they did have a lovely weekend all the same.

I managed to spend rather a lot of money on my latest project .... details of which will be revealed soon. Not good when I'm saving for a spotty aga, but I think my latest project is extremely exciting and I think you might be as excited as I am when you hear about it / see it !!

Tomorrow is a SUE day and I am also expecting a lovely delivery of feltiness (which I have been waiting for since last Wednesday !) Sue's job tomorrow, should she accept the challenge, will be to unpack the enormous boxes that I am expecting and get it all updated on the website and put into some sort of order in the workroom. If you're waiting for any of the following, then fingers crossed it will be delivered tomorrow and should be back on the website later in the week :

4mm thick felt sheets
1.5mm thick felt sheets
felt string / cord
felt stacks
grab bags of felt balls
felt flowers (sets of 6)
Button sensation buttons
Yo Yo Makers

I am also expecting some fantastic Pom Pom makers and also some needle felting moulds to make beautiful felted roses. I also took delivery of a couple of other brilliant new additions to the website (especially in time for Easter), but will leave you in suspense about those for the moment - I need to get some photos taken.

Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments on my last blog post. I hope my sadness didn't rub off on to you, but if it did, I apologise and hope that this blog post cheered you up (as it did me !!)

Sarah x



Congratulations on sew hip you were in it again.
Your weekend away looked fab, just the sort of thing I need..Kx

jackanne said...

i also celebrated my birthday thi
s week....(44) and went away...i have just started to blog and found your lovely one !! thank you jackanne xx

Helena said...

The photo of the lighthouse behind the terrace was surreal! Even a wee bit creepy!!

Glad to have found your blog :)


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