Normal service has been resumed .....

for now !

I have finally managed to catch up with the backlog of orders that I had and am now panicking slightly that the postal strike will muck everything up !

Along with the orders from the show, everyone seems to be getting ready for the Christmas Craft Fairs, meaning the making season is well and truly upon us. Goodness knows when I'll have time to make my own stuff !

Every year I say that I'm going to make some felt ball garlands for our Christmas tree and every year I never get round to it. This year, I WILL make some. I'm also going to make some lovely decorations with the fantastic sculpted stars that I've got on the website. Once they're done I'll get some photos onto the blog.

Over the last couple of evenings I've been surfing the internet on the hunt for unique Christmas gifts (because I know I won't have time to make my own). As always, I get completely side-tracked and find all sorts of fantastic stuff that I just love, but that isn't really suitable as a Christmas gift (although I think some of them might find their way onto my own Christmas list !) I was amazed when I came across these

Finally, I have a use for all of those acorn cups that are laying in our garden ! I am definitely going to add these to my "making list" - I can just see them all piled up in a lovely bowl on the kitchen table. Will I get round to making them ? Who knows, but I'll definitely try.

Back to the website now and I forgot to say last time that the giant flad pad bookmarks are now back in stock, so if you were wanting some of these, you can order them now.

I've also got a new colourway in the BIG buttons - bright pink (they're lovely !) but are waiting for a brighter day to be photographed and added to the website - check back on these at these at the weekend if you're interested.

Now, if you came along to Ally Pally, you might have seen one of these hanging on the wall or around my friend Amanda's neck ?

It's my felt ball and button necklace kit. As a last minute thing I decided to make up some kits containing all of the components required to make up the necklace, in 4 different colourways. To my complete amazement I completely sold out of the kits !

As Sew Hip magazine did a bit of a photo shoot on these kits and the finished article, I thought I had better get a few more made up and onto the website (they'll be available for sale very soon). Hopefully they'll feature in next month's edition of the magazine and I might sell a few more !

In the kits you get an assortment of buttons, felt balls, maybe a couple of crocheted balls, or some pompoms, a sculpted heart, star or flower, some ribbon and some waxed cotton cord. All you need is a needle to thread them all together. I haven't included any instructions as I would like to think it's pretty self-explanatory, but if you do decide to purchase one or maybe a couple of these kits (perhaps as pressies), and need any help, just shout ! Fantastic value at £5.50 each and as before, in 4 different colourways - Cool (blues & purples), Autumn (browns/red/greens), Monochrome (back & white) and Citrus (lime green, purple, yellow).

I'm also working on a couple more kits which I'm hoping to add to the website in time for Christmas - so watch this space.

I'm also in the process of updating the Special Offers section of the website with a number of items that have been sitting around in boxes for far too long - they should be on at the weekend and then you'll be able to grab yourself a bargain with these special offer items as they won't be repeated !

And if that's not enough to keep me busy, I'm taking the afternoon and evening off tomorrow and am going to see SPANDAU BALLET !! I am SO excited, I can't tell you. Hopefully I'll be able to get some half decent pictures - we've got very good seats (which cost me an absolute bomb), but I don't care !! I've been listening to them in the car over the last couple of weeks and can't wait to see them live.

That's it for today - see you next time xx


nickynackynoo said...

Love the acorns!

Dotty said...

ooh those acorns are just sooo lovely may have to get needlefelting again havent done any in a while x


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