Blooming Disaster !

Yes, that's what Sunday's Spring Fair was ... a "Blooming Disaster" !! And they had some cheek calling it a "Spring" Fair too - more like, "Middle of Winter" Fair ! It snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and, oh yes ... snowed a bit more !

Of course, all the snow put people off venturing out of their houses and into town and those that did brave the elements were on a mission - to get from A to B with no distractions or diversions in between. I stood there, from 9.30am until 4.30pm watching people going about their business, with their blinkers on and not even glancing at my table that I had lovingly spent over an hour setting up (ignore the big SALE stickers in the back - that was in River Island's window !!)

Thank goodness for one of my good friends who had battled her way into town with her little girl and very kindly came and bought lots and lots of things from me. If it hadn't been for her, I would have barely broken even.

It wasn't all bad though - a lady who was looking at my goodies started asking lots of questions about felt in general and said that she ran a Brownie Group and would place an order through the website for some supplies for the group. Then, on Monday I got an email from her asking if I would be interested in taking a table at a Pamper Evening that she was organising next week ! So, I can't complain about Sunday really.

But, I've got a question about pamper evenings, if anyone can help me out. I've never been to one but the name leads me to think that people will be pampering themselves with stuff like manicures, facials etc. If that's the case - what's the point of me being there? Or, does the word Pamper mean - treat yourself and buy something nice - in which case, count me in !!

Today has been the most gorgeous day (so far!), so I took the opportunity of spending 2 hours this morning playing with the children in the garden. Sam is back at school next week and it has been lovely having him at home, but we've started to run out of things to do now, so I'll be pleased when he goes back (and so will he I suspect, although quite what Grace will do without him, I really don't know !).

The blossom is on the trees, the flowers are starting to bloom and the grass is starting to throw itself out of the ground (which unfortunately means that the 3 hour stints of grass cutting will soon begin).

But in the meantime I'm having a bit of a sort out as my craft stash is turning into less of a stash and more of a mountain. So my next post will have lots of fabric for sale. As I've stopped doing the "Name in a Frames" the piles of fabric that I purchased are now surplus to requirements so I'll be selling them off. If you're interested, meet me here next time !!

Byeeee x


Andrea said...

So sorry for the bad luck that you experienced at the show, maybe good things will come from the Brownie Group?! Your table looked lovely too!

incywincy said...

Oh no! sorry the fair didn't go well :(

re: pampering! I'm doing one soon where there are people doing manicures, hair etc. But there are also people like me doing crafty stuff. I was thinking of doing little 'how to make' demos on brooches or something? Plus I will obviously have a table with other bits to buy.
Sam. x

Tip Top said...

Oh dear, sorry that the day didn't go very well, but sounds like all is not lost! I've never been to a pamper evening (woe is me!) but I'd go with what Incy says - the ladies will want to treat themselves!!

Samantha said...

Hi Sarah,
shame about your stall - sometimes these things turn out to be more hassle than they're worth.

Table looks good!



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