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As promised in my previous post, this one will definitely be "crafty".

I've been a very busy bee getting ready for my friend's card & craft party on Friday evening. These are some of the things that I've created and will be taking along with me:

Felted and Beaded keyrings

Beaded felt circles which will be framed into a small picture

My funny long-legged birdie stitched onto the front of a calico tote bag

Loopy corsages waiting for some of these ....

.... lovely hand-painted ceramic buttons to be added to their centres !

And in between all this craftiness, I've also been attempting to organise Sam's 5th birthday party on Saturday for around 50 ... yes 50 ... children !

I'm off to stuff party bags

Byeeeeee xx


Samantha said...

You have been busy. Love the keyrings!

Tracy said...

I love those buttons where did you get them?

saraeden said...

I cannot wait to see the buttons !!
good luck for friday night and for Sam's party .... 50 kiddies your a brave women !!!

Sara x

Unknown said...

just found your blog via paperand string's.
A party for 50 children - GULP! You are very brave (much braver than me!!!)
I want a craft party, lol!!!

pink-petal-designs said...

love your crafty things! a party for 50 kids, are you mad?? no you are just very brave, hope it all goes well, cant wait to hear all about it.
Sarah x

the vicious chicken said...

Hi, I've just found your blog and want to say "wow!" at all the lovely things you've made. Good luck with that HUGE party,
VC x

Sam Gillespie said...

Hi Sarah, love the beaded spots! Must have taken you forever to sew all those beads on!!
Hope friday goes well, sounds like fun :o)

saraeden said...

thank you , thank you , thank you !!
I love the buttons and the keyrings just what i needed as i have lost my keys this week !!!!!

Sara x


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