Ta Daaaaaa !!!

At last ... my long awaited project is almost complete !

Just a trip to Ikea tomorrow to purchase lots of lovely bookcases and storage units, a visit by the carpenter to fit my beautiful workbench (I know, so workbenches shouldn't really be beautiful - more practical really), but it's made from lovely white gloss laminate so that it will reflect the light and brighten up the inside, and then I can move in to my new studio !!!

(The outside and windows / doors will be painted in the summer.
I have yet to decide on a colour but it will be something that will blend in with the garden)

I'm soooo excited. I have been working out of the spare room for almost a year now and things are getting quite ridiculous. I'm having to clamber over boxes and move stuff all the time so that I can reach whatever it is that I happen to need. And having 2 people working in the spare room at the same time just isn't possible. So, the time came to build a purpose-built studio ..... in the garden !

Regular readers of this little old blog will know that we are very fortunate to have a large garden, so building a studio in it seemed the obvious solution to my workspace problem. It also means that I can still work from home and keep an eye on the children, which would have been impossible if I'd had to rent somewhere.

So, at last, Blooming Felt will have a home of its very own - a fantastic studio with 2 mezzanines so that I can store extra supplies and all the kit I use at shows up, out of the way, and enough space left over to run workshops should I so wish, in the future. Finally, our house can now return to being a house, and not have masses of boxes stacked up in every (yes, every) room !

My only dilemma is should I whitewash the walls? I was really keen to have a completely white space so that it would show off all of my colourful felty goodies beautifully, but do I have the time or inclination to do it ?

If you're interested in doing something similar in your garden, I can highly recommend the company I used. Aarco are a wonderful family run company in Chester who will design and make studios / garden rooms etc to your exact specifications and then come and install it all for you. They've been here all week and as well as building my studio from scratch, had to first dismantle, move and reassemble our shed before work on the studio could begin. They managed everything in just 5 days and I couldn't have asked for a better company to come and do the work. Thank you Noella, Richard, Martin (and Vic the carpenter), without whom my fantastic new studio wouldn't exist !!

OK - I'm off to measure (yet again) the space in my studio and then look (yet again) at the Ikea website !!!

See you soon xxx


Marie said...

You have a very exciting new space, i'm sure lots of inspiration will come from it. I've just had my shedquarters put in our garden recently too! They're the way forward in my opinion!

Em said...

Wow and double wow!!
Lucky you, that's just what I need to do my painting in.
I bet you are over the moon.
Emma x

Sarah said...

Fantastic! What an amazing workspace ~ I bet you can't wait to get in there!

Flutter said...

OOO your new space looks wonderful.. I'm so jealous, it would be great to have such a roomy workspace.. If it was me I would want as much as me in the space as possible.. I would paint the inside, like you said it would make all your goodies look absolutely wonderful against the clean bright walls..

I think it would make it cosier too bringing a little bit of home outside.. It must be so exciting for you to have this wonderful blank canvas.. But I don't envy the work you have to do to get it all cosied up LOL..

Have a wonderful Sunday and I wish you luck in your new space xx

ana said...

Lucky you! Perhaps you could use a white wash on the inside - then it would be pale and light but you wouldn't entirely lose the wood grain.

Bagladee said...

Its totally amazing, I've been back about 3 times to have another look!! :D

made with love said...

How wonderful. What a lovely dream come true. I am rally looking forward to seeing what you do inside.
Happy furnishing,
Rachael XX

Julia said...

Oh this is just the best! Im secretly a bit envious of your beautiful new studio and would love one of my own, but Im also very very happy for you - Im sure it will be gorgeous all painted up with your gorgeous wares all about the place!

Love Julia x x x

Sarah said...

Hi, I've nominated your blog for a Sunshine award.
Best wishes, Sarah x

Claire Hurd Design said...

Oooh, how lovely! I dream of having a studio like yours one day! I look forward to seeing how you decorate it and how it looks once you are all settled in.

Claire x

noelle said...

oh wow, lucky you, wahh i want one!!!!!!

Unknown said...

It is fantastic! BLOOMING FANTASTIC in fact!

Simone said...

Ooooohhhhhh!!!! I am so excited for you! I would love to have my own workspace. I hope you show us the inside once its all fitted out with your supplies. How lovely! x

Anna M. said...

Congratulations! It looks amazing!!! That's one of my dreams to have a nice space to work in :) Congratulations again!

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

It is so lovely, I would so like one! I'm really happy for you, please show some photo's once it's all kitted out. Oh well back to the spare room for me x

LITTLE KITTEN homemade said...

It is so lovely, I would so like one! I'm really happy for you, please show some photo's once it's all kitted out. Oh well back to the spare room for me x


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